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Air Conditioning Repair

Your AC is not working ?   So if it isn’t cooling you down, we’re there fast and get the job done right the first time.

If you suspect that your AC needs a repair, DDP can send you an experienced technician to your home to diagnosis the issue and estimate repair cost for a small diagnostic fee. If you agree to the repair cost and the time that the technician gives you the determination, this fee will be waived.

When do I need an AC Repair?

If you suspect that your unit is not eunning as it should be then may need a repair. DDP offers repairs and and maintyenance on all makes and models. But how to do you know that you need an air conditioning repair? Be aware, and look for the following symptoms-they are sure sighns that it´s time for an AC repair: 

  • High humidity levels in your home are sigh that your AC is not doing its job to control the moisture of your indoor environment. High humidity levels can be identified by the pooling of water around windows, and an uncomfortable indoor climate.
  • Loud noises coming from the motor of your AC is a sign that somenthing not right. Your AC unit should be fairly quiet on a daily basis. If you are hearing sounds coming from your AC then it is time to contact a professional.
  • If you can smell offensive odors coming from your unit, it could mean that there is burnt wiring that needs to be replaced or other damage.
  • Warm or hot air blowing from your inside air conditioning vents is a sure sign that your need an AC repair. Hot air can be caused by few differnt issues, and you´ll want to get your unit looked at right away. DDP Heating & Cooling is on call 24/7 for your amergency needs.

General Querries!

HVAC maintenance should be dane by a professional twice per year to keep it operating effectively and efficiently.

One bemefit to routine maintenance that is often overlooked is that a professional technician will discover if your unit is in need of repair or is at risk of a breakdown and fix it before your HVAC unit stops working. If you´ve ever suffered through a hot summer without air conditioning,  you´ll know how important that is!

If your are experiencing any of these issues with your heating and cooling system:

  • Your home is not maintaining the temperature your thermostat is set at.
  • Your hear strange noise when the system tuens on or while it´s running.
  • Utility bills that are significantly higher that what you are used to paying during similar times of year. (For example: Most Agust, you pay $300 per moth, but this Agust, your bill is $700).
  • Air flow is poor or doesn´t blow cold.
  • You notice smells or musty odors.

Most of the Air Conditioning repair are done the same day and takes 2-4 hours. 

The majority of central AC repairs in Maryland tend to fall within this price range: As low as $60 and as high as $900

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